Thursday, August 06, 2015

"Cattle Class"

I remember very well the “Cattle class” tweet by Shashi Tharoor when I was on my flight from New Delhi to Imphal more than a month ago. And I realized the controversial statement tweeted by Tharoor was not very offensive rather very humorous. No offence but I thought an AC coach ride will be more enjoyable than travelling in a low cost air carrier. 

Obviously, low cost means I don’t need to set my expectation very high and I were well prepared for the plastic services and the smile. By the way, this is no way a complaint or dissatisfaction about low cost carrier like Indigo rather my pleasant thoughts...:)

The ticket price was so enticing I had to book the ticket immediately like a mindset of deadline submission of examination forms; so I don’t miss the lucrative price at the final check out from my web browser. Well, that was quite a task because you never know the price changes just in a flash.

After I've booked my ticket with Indigo and was confirmed, the journey starts from the terminal 1D (New Delhi International Airport). Recently, I came to know Terminal 1D is the designated spot for Low Cost carrier. Anyway I enjoyed every moment starting from boarding until I sat on my seat on the plane. There were 4 air hostess, I think, and obviously the attractive ones. But then I didn't quite understand any of the announcements they made as it was quite fast unlike the machine voice. Thank God for the written instructions lying just in front of my seat.

There were three seats in one row and I was thinking if one of the single seats will relax an obesity guy with the height of 6 feet 11 inches during the course of the flight or the journey. That was just a
devilish thought! Anyway I’m a 5 feet 5 inches tall but still my knee can easily touch every now and then the back of the seat in front of me. I always thought a low carrier flights should mean affordable
prices of the snacks and lunch sold inside but that’s not the case. Believe it or not, a cup of masala tea alone cost Rs. 150/- which is quite three stars. And a bowl of Chana Dal alone cost Rs. 250/-

Don’t even think about joining the Miles High Club when travelling in Low Cost carrier. The loo is too small for two people to be in .. whatever it is…. Of course! Anyone can try but I believed it will be a desperate attempt to be a member of Miles High club.

A teeny-tiny edition of Business Standard was all I got to kill my time. Next time, if I travel again, I promised myself to load a good movie or music on my phone or laptop. Believe me! I do enjoy the dull humane announcement from the pilot before the take off and before landing rather the announcement from Air-hostess. I have nothing against air hostess and I can understand their job description but I’d like to hear from and speak with HUMAN.

The question is shall I travel again with a low cost carrier like Indigo? Indeed, I shall travel again if I need to. After all, this is one of the airlines in India offering ticket price at reasonable rate for a cattle class like me. And it quite efficient as it saves time too!

Food for Thought: "The scab is a traitor to his God, his mother, and his class." Jack London.