Friday, April 03, 2015


“A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.” Jack London.

I took an off from work yesterday and it was rather a very slow day unlike my usual days which just slipped away like a daylight robbery. Maybe I didn't have any important things to do except reading the book “The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks and followed by a long nap. And then comes evening, and I went out to have some snacks. But suddenly the thunder starts rambling as if I haven’t done anything worthwhile for the day. The rain starts pouring on my head and I had to look for a spot to protect myself from the rain drops. Luckily I found a spot where I was able to enjoy my snacks I bought for myself. There was also a dog that like me was also hiding from the rain.

The dog became my unlikely partner and an inspiration for me. The unknown dog just reminds me of my Scoopy, a lab, who passed away in 2012. There were no resemblance between them but their patience and understanding are similar. If we have a food available in a table, the first thing we do as a human is to fill our stomach. Of course, I won’t deny the fact that this very human behavior strait runs in my vein when I see the dog today. But still then I felt that the dog never intimidate me or begs me to give a share of my snacks. Yet I had the feeling to share an ounce of my snacks by looking at the dog. Maybe it is because I care or it reminds me of my dearest Scoopy who have never ever nagged me once for food because he knows I will share with him. Scoopy always have the faith in me like a child having a faith on his parents. And I think the feeling of caring and sharing is mutual and always the same.

I believed we as human have this quality of sharing things very deep inside of us. And majority of my Christians family worldwide will be fasting starting from today’s early morning observing our Lord Jesus crucifixion on the cross for our sins. I thought why not donate the meal we are skipping on today's Good Friday to the poor and the hungry through various Charitable organizations. Anyway I have donated my lunch amount I’m skipping for Good Friday for the cause Anti- Poverty campaign for “One Human Family, Food for All” by Caritas-Internationalis. Anyone who wants to donate can do so with pleasure. Please visit the link: I think sharing is one of the biggest gift to mankind because the happiness we get from sharing is unreal and a feeling of satisfaction that you have done something very right.

The world we live in is becoming more cynical and minded but it is not the world doing the change rather we are. A family divided by individual choice and its own interest yet we still expect more from the other. How is it possible if we really don’t give enough and yet expect more from the other? The word “care” is still out there and for all those who believes “I still share even if I have less than him/her.” Or else, we all can wrap up the idea of salvation after life and enjoy the world of our own while we can. I just found a picture from a Facebook and it is really kind of funny every time I see it. Anyway, is it not always fun to share something funny with everyone? See the below picture:

If I can share my happiness after seeing the picture, why not share the things that give us happiness? We are lucky than most of the people who doesn't have at all or even the means to earn for themselves. Today, we can still show “we care because we are human” and “we share because it is right”. I hope we can make more meaningful sense on why we have a day off to observe Good Friday every year.

Food for Thought: “I do not want to send them away hungry.” Matthew 15:32

Thank you. Have blessed weekends to all!

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