Monday, April 27, 2015

"Review on Manchester United performance V/S Everton, 0-3, 27 April 2015”

Everton starting 11: Howard, Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Baines, McCarthy, Barry, Lennon, Barkley, Osman, Lukaku. Subs: Robles, Kone, Mirallas, Naismith, Besic, Garbutt, Alcaraz.

Man Utd starting 11: De Gea, Valencia, Smalling, McNair, Shaw, Blind, Mata, Ander Herrera, Fellaini, Young, Rooney. Subs: Di Maria, Falcao, Januzaj, van Persie, Valdes, Blackett, Pereira.

I was so angry with the performance from United players that it took me nearly two hours to cool myself down so that I can write this review with a sound mind. If I had written the review right after the match, I think I would have freely use all the "Seven dirty words" starting with from backline. Although United played well in terms of ball possesion and passing during the entire match, but the silly mistakes from the defenders contributing to goals for opponent team is not the match I enjoy watching.

The first goal scored by Everton in the 5th minute was a mistake of Valencia where he should have realized his disadvantage position if he goes for the tackle. Around 7 to 8 United players were still there in Everton box after Mata took the free kick from the right flank. After the freekick from Mata, I don't understand why Valencia have to battle for the clearance ball when he was only required to position himself better and wait for the defenders to come back. But once he lost the tackle, it was too easy for the Everton players to launch the counter attack. 

In addition to Valencia mistake, McNair look like a spectator by letting Everton's McCarthy passed through him when he could have tackle to give himself a 50:50 chance. Even if he have miss the tackle and red-carded for fouling the opponent player, I wouldn't mind as a fan because he did the right thing for challenging and trying stop the opponent from scoring.

The second goal from Everton in the 35th minutes really boiled my blood. I just can't believe it, 3 consecutive corners given to Everton seemed like a friendly training session. Obviously, Everton have to make it count on the third attempt with the kind of easy opportunity provided. McNair and Valencia really let down the team because of their amateur display and silly mistakes. The third goal from Everton in the 74th minutes was completely the lack of understanding among the defence trio of Smalling, McNair and Valencia. The worst culprit from among the three was Valencia. The ball was still playable even though Eveton's Lukaku raised his hand admitting he was in offside position and halting his run. What I don't understand is why did they stop chasing the ball when the referee and the linesman has not given the signal. And Valencia, how did he not realize the ball was still playable for Mirallas who was lurking behind him. I'm really disappointed with the defenders lack of experience. 

 think the three goals conceded clearly shows the lack of experience in the defence unit. Although Valencia has the pace but his crosses from the right flank are very inefficient and unreliable. Damn it! He also need to learn how to kick the ball with left foot. His dependent on using only his right foot in every situation have become too predictable and the opponent players are able to stop him from delivering quality cross inside the box.

The players performance throughout the match was so pathetic and unbearable for me to watch till the end but credit goes to Everton solid defending and they clinically converted their chances. The performance of the United players was really apathetic except Young and Luke Shaw were the only better performer. Note that the same criticism also applies for David De Gea. As a top goalkeeper, I thought he could have at least save one of the three goals. Van Gaal system philosophy is already working but the players have to maintain their consistency at any cost. 

Last but not the least, I really hate to see my favorite team losing to Everton because their fans are like way over the top and always making a point to say we are bigger than you even if we don't have world class players. And it really hurts because Everton last won the English title in 1986-87 whereas we have already won 13 times since their last title.

Overall, I'm rating 1 out of 5 stars for the team performance.

The upcoming match for Manchester United is on 02 May 2015 against West Brom in Old Trafford, Manchester. The Match will start at 10:00 PM (IST).

Thank you. Have a good night!

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