Sunday, April 26, 2015

"My Voice"

"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test." George W. Bush.

A friend of my mine asked me, "Why are you concerned regarding the recent developments of Maharashtra government although you are not a residence of Maharashtra?" Obviously, my friend have his own opinions and I respect that. However, Maharashtra is equally a part of India and I am a citizen of India. My reply to his honest question was, my blog is my voice in social network and even if a single person can hear me, it is worth writing the policy of governments which clearly are not in the interest of people who are sweating everyday and then to suffer the consequences of the policy which seemed to benefits only the interested parties. The ban of beef in Maharashtra highlights the government apathy towards minorities and promoting communal disharmony. In addition, the plan to shut down 4000 government school in Maharashtra clearly portrays the attitude of an autocratic capitalist.

Does it not make more sense if the governments invest in quality education system rather than closing down the 4000 schools? At anytime, I'd prefer the government school if it is in league with the private schools. But then, the government has other plan when millions of children in India are missing out in education. According the 2011 census report, 82.91 percent is the literacy rate of Maharashtra. What about the 17 percent population who are illiterate? The problem with illiteracy rate in India is not fault of rural people who do not understand the value of education or the poor people who cannot afford the private institution. It is basically the lack of education awareness in rural India where certain politicians intent to let it the way it has been since India's independence. For the poor people, it definitely the lack of adequate number of government schools providing quality education.

After all, it is not only Maharashtra but almost every states of India. The latest 2011 census reported 74.04 percent of Indians are literate. And it really appalled me to know that the literacy rate of India has increased only 12 percent after India's independence from British in 1947. It means, for the last 68 years and so on, the governments in states and central doesn't care and still do not care. Even if there are only two students in a classroom of government school, it is way better than not having a single student at all. Like the saying, where there is free food, everyone comes forward to have their own share. So, why close down the 4000 government schools rather invest more in quality and infrastructure? The government schools tragedy is not only with Maharashtra but with every states of India. More schools will only help us improve the literacy rate in India, and the outcome will help us improve our country economy, skilled manpower, standard of living, self-dependent, etc.

Maybe I'm just a blogger from a small room in Delhi but I shall not let my silence be misunderstood. This is my platform where I felt my opinions can be heard louder than from a megaphone. I also hope to write about my state Manipur as well. But I need some more time to research and analyse. Anyway, we shouldn't marginalize ourselves by saying 'that's not my state and therefore it is not my concern'. After all, we belong to the same race, i.e., human beings.

Thank you. Have a blessed Sunday!

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