Wednesday, June 03, 2015

"How to let it(David De Gea) GO"

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Every day, I typed in the name "David De Gea" on my laptop web browser hoping for a news he has signed the contract extension offer. Well, I'm also no different from the other fanatic fans of Manchester United and we always want our best player to stay. After all, this football club matters a lot to me and to all the fans of Manchester United world wide; and I wish David had reciprocate the same in January by signing the contract extension offer. But now, I have to let go of this fear as well as the melancholy feeling of losing him, and probably give up the hope of him signing the contract extension offer. I guess he is definitely leaving and Real Madrid is waiting for the right time to announce the signing.

Now that I'm convinced David De Gea leaving us, I've nothing bad or ill feelings about him exccept I wish him the best for his future. He has given us a solid performance for two years although the legend title is still beyond the reach. Like we have always done, we will keep on moving forward and we can certainly replace him with another world class goalkeeper. In fact, we already have Victor Valdes who is 32 years old. Don't forget that Edwin van der Sar was 34 years old when he was signed on 2005 summer transfer window. I meant the age factor is not an issue for Victor Valdes and he is also a very experienced goalkeeper who has won many trophies with Barcelona and Spain. Probably, he can still play for another 3-4 seasons or even more. In the meantime, the scouting team can definitely have the headstart looking for the long term replacement for Victor Valdes.

The club management need to make sure De Gea market value is met by Real Madrid. Although it is quiet tricky as De Gea current deal will expire after 12 months. Let us try considering this scenario, do you thing Real Madrid really want to sign De Gea this summer? For me, it is a yes. They really want to sign him because they have recently sacked their manager Carlo Ancelotti and they will to put up a very good 'show' like a circus to appease their insatiable fans. Therefore, they will need to sign and parade a world class player in De Gea including a new manager in front of major news media globally. Obviously, it will be a good news for the Real Madrid fans who are always jeering Casillas, their own hero! For Fiorentino Perez, it's all business and signing De Gea is a good deal to maintain the club revenue as they did not win any trophy in the recently concluded season. Considering this scenario, our club management can have a small advantage over Real Madrid in negotiation of transfer.

Leaving aside David De Gea transfer speculation, the football news section in most of the major news online have been unfortunately more about the FIFA bribing controversy and the arrest of 9 FIFA officials including 5 corporate executives. This is an absolute disgrace from FIFA and for bringing disrepute to the most popular sport on Earth. The subsequent resignation of Sepp Blatter is blessing in disguise for FIFA. In my opinion, he is a disgrace to football and he should have resign long ago. I'm sure the pressure from the UEFA played a role in Blatter resignation. I just hope FIFA clean up their messes as soon as possible before bringing the sport to more disrepute.

Food for Thought: “The only reason to delay at this point was because the immediate prospect was so deeply uninviting.” J.K. Rowling.

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