Sunday, June 28, 2015


 “Be sure of what one wants in a partner.” The overrated statement used by most relationship experts and endorsed in popular trending magazines. Damn it! And they are getting paid for the statement by endorsing it to people seeking guidance who are confusedly in love or in dilemma with their relationships...:) Of course! Love has become more or less relative in relationships although it is still the spine binding the pieces together. But when it is not, blame the heart and avoid the craps from the relationship expert who can let one to become a narcissistic rather than spilling out the bitter truth to move on constructively. Why would they tell the truth when it is not a free counseling session?

As a matter of, it is lucrative business in our world of materialism.The context of counseling is no different from the edible goods with good packaging. I believed the words written on the packaging do not entirely represent what it is inside the package. For example, the recent controversy of Maggi noodles when it failed to meet the food safety standard. Before then, we already knew how could a Maggi noodles cooked for 2 minutes would be good for our health. Frankly, I liked Maggi. Despite the fact, many of us still like it because of the stupendous packaging wherein it did not exactly mention the level of quite harmful permissible ingredient in the noodle whereas it is killing our body slowly.

Most counselors as well as the relationship experts are the master in Etymology and they will beat around the bush for hours with sweet words everyone wants to hear. I meant it is nonsensical for a person to say ‘I love him/her but I can’t stand the sight of him/her and we have different personalities in conflict’ and yet still trying to work it out with the help of experts. Guess what! An Oxford dictionary is the best advice so that the person can check out the meaning of love before proceeding further. Anyway, I will paste the meaning of love copied exactly from the dictionary and it’s free of cost:
  1. A strong feeling of affection.
  2. A great interest and pleasure in something.
  3. A person or thing that one loves.
  4. Feel deep affection or sexual love for (someone).
  5. Like or enjoy very much.
Antonyms of love: hate, loathe and detest.

I want to replace the statement “be sure of what one wants in a partner” to “be sure of what you can offer to your partner unconditionally”. It is because love is giving and if one cannot give from the heart, it is no love. There has never been a parameter set for love as it is eternal. And the environment of love is not like the Wall Street. Without love, no relationship can survive. Do you agree or not? No doubt, anyone can masquerade to be in love. But the heart is very strong and knows how it feels to be in love and be love.

Food for thought: “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Dr. Seuss.

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