Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"......., where are you?"

How fortunate are the couples to have fallen for each other since high school or college! The last thing you do not want to be reminded by your parents is your age and marriage. I got to admit, I’m not sure why am I writing my personal life here on my blog, or is this the sign of desperation? Every time I speak with my parents, marriage is the only topic I want avoid. Yeah! I’m 27 and I thought I have passed over only 26 which obviously is still a small number… :) Age are kind of tricky and that's it. Don’t you think so? However when I see some of my friends in Facebook uploading their marriage pictures, the nonsensical emotion creep in like I need to see a Shrink.

The popular idiom “single and ready to mingle” doesn’t necessarily anoint me as the finest “Vodka” for cocktail but rather the ingredients in the form of lemon, gin, pimento-stuffed green olives, etc. Confidence is not the issue but it the urgency to come along with the perfect Vodka and produce a fine cocktail. Definitely, I believed in the universal law that there is someone out there for me and we haven’t just met yet. It does make me feel better but I’m just afraid if I will be able to identify her knowing our mind having its own set of judgment unlike our soul.

Here comes the weighing in between arranged marriage and love marriage. Both have their own pros and cons. And I’m not surprise with the fact why most of the families from the rich and the middle class in metropolitan cities going in for the arrange marriage with another family of same social strata. I had an interaction with a friend of mine who recently got married to a guy arranged by her family. I enquired about her experience with her in-laws family during her first week of marriage.  She told me, “I was already considered as their daughter since the day my marriage was arranged” which certainly implies her understanding of Indian culture and honoring it rather than the teeny tiny feelings of doubt I anticipated. 

Please note that my question was purely for understanding arrange marriage with no intent of infringement in her personal life. Anyway, she is happy and very much in love with her husband. Even if her answer to my question was rather diplomatic, it doesn’t mean that she is unhappy with her marriage. The irony of her marriage is more or less accepting her fate conclusively with her mind in terms with her soul. And I strongly believed her attitude is one of the main attributes of strong woman. If this is the standard of present day's woman, and if I'm not wrong, I have to be the right guy for one of them and fall in love rather than looking for the perfect woman I invented for myself.

Food for thought: “A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Thank you. 

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