Saturday, June 06, 2015

"Liability or Human shield?"

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First of all, my condolences to the 20 army jawans who were ambushed and killed in Manipur by the so called underground outfit NSCN-K on 4 June 2015. The ambush itself is a cowardly act and showing us the true nature of the banned underground organization who do not believe in peace. I cannot fathom the fact that this very organization used to be in peace talk with our central government under the ceasefire agreement for 14 years until March 2015 after their leader SS Khaplang decided to go for the arms struggle instead of negotiation. How is the arms struggle helping their cause? Killing more innocent people and the Army is never going to resolve the region issue.

Now that the Central government has given the green light to the Army to go all out against the outfit, NSCN-K, I truly fear many innocents may have to be victims as collateral damage. The people of Manipur will have to bear the burnt of conflict arising between the NSCN-K and the Central government wherein their issue has nothing to do with Manipur. I'm really fed up of the leaders of Naga telling the Nagas of Manipur that their fight is for all of us. But it necessarily doesn't gives them the right to cowardly killed the 20 jawans in Manipur in order to grab the attention of our Central government in Delhi. 

The fact is that I DO NOT WANT TO BE A VICTIM. Why can't the NSCN-K follow the example of Mizoram? They must know that India ranks third among the top ten countries with the largest armies. You know that the central government has given the green light to go all against the Naga Insurgent in Manipur. And Manipur is not a war zone wherein many civilians are living out there. You also know that the Indian army is armed with the Armed Forced Special Power Act. So, in the end, the civilians are going to end up as victims because NSCN-K is not going come out in the open rather hiding behind the hills. 

In 1977, Protocol I was adopted as an amendment to the Geneva Conventions, prohibiting the deliberate or indiscriminate attack of civilians and civilian objects in the war-zone and the attacking force must take precautions and steps to spare the lives of civilians and civilian objects as possible. Although ratified by 173 countries, the only countries that are currently not signatories to Protocol I are the United States, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India, and Turkey. It means our central government is not accountable for any civilians killed in their fistfight against the Naga insurgents in Manipur. 

Technically, we are a liability to the central government and a human shield to the insurgents in Manipur. God help us. 

Food for thought: “Listen up - there's no war that will end all wars.” Haruki Murakami.

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