Thursday, June 04, 2015

"Why Mats Hummels can be a good signing for Manchester United"

During the early stage of our 2014-15 English Premier League season, we managed to secure only 13 points from 10 matches. And it was our worst start to a season since 1986. 3 defeats, 4 draws and only 3 wins. Well, the 3 defeats were not that easy win for our opponents rather we threw away the games we should have won, and especially the game against Leicester City. We were leading 3-1 and suddenly we got defeated with the scoreline 3-5 as we let in some easy goals. Not only this game, throughout the season, we were not very strong and organized with our defending. 

Anyway, I guessed it is not that bad by the end of the season as we secured the champions league spot by virtue of finishing 4th in the table points position. This summer transfer window, I believed Mats Hummels should be our priority transfer target as we need an experience and a proven center-back. Although it has been reported in the news that Borussia Dortmund will not accept any offer for Mats Hummels. However, I still believed if our club management can offer a substantial amount to Dortmund, they may be compelled to accept the offer. After all Hummels has only two years left on his current contract. 

Guys, do you think the move will materialise? For me, I'm very optimistic and it is a 'yes'. And if the transfer materialized, the three following points can be probable advantage for our team benefits:

1. We know that Van Gaal prefer playing with 3 defenders in the formation of 3-5-2. I'm don't think he will just abandon the formation he wanted for the team to play and find success. You know, it is kind of a philosophy for him and he was unable to impart the philosophy with our present defenders.

Therefore, signing Hummels will bring in the much needed experience, the tactical awareness and the leadership to organized defense as one. The ideal backline can be Smalling, Hummels and Rojos. Do you think the three of them will gel and form a strong back-line?

2. Ashley Young and Luke Shaw can be utilize as attacking full-backs. Both of them are very good with their pace and they can also track back easily for defending. It will give us the edge on the counter attack as well as from the width play.

3. Blind can play as the central midfield role shielding the three defenders. Angel Di Maria and Herrera as left and right midfielders respectively and they can easily interchange their role when needed. And don't forget Fellaini, he can play behind our main striker Wayne Rooney or in defensive midfield role whenever it is required. 

Although Michael Carrick is one of our very important player, and I'd easily swap Daley Blind for him but his injury is still a concern for me. Beside, he is over 30 and I rather prefer Van Gaal to start Blind and Carrick coming on as substitute for balance and experience. The next season is going to be very hectic as we are going to be challenging for every competitions, the EPL, the Champions League, the Capital One cup and the FA cup. So, I'm sure Carrick as well as the other players will get the fair amount of game time. 

My opinion in this blog is just a fair assumption after analysing our 2014-15 season. And my ideal starting eleven for our 2015-16 season will be De Gea(if he stays) or Valdes, Rojo, Hummels, Smalling, Shaw, Young, Blind, Herrera, Di Maria, Fellaini, and Wayne Rooney. The substitutes are Valdes (if De Gea stays), Carrick, Januzaj, van Persie, Jones, McNair, Mata, Wilson. What do you think of the starting eleven? And do you think our club management go for Hummels at any cost? 

Please write your opinion and suggestion in the comment section below. Thank you.

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