Friday, May 22, 2015

"Body/Life Anatomy"

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Good afternoon!

I heard it once as well as read it about the saying, "live your life as if it is always your last day." Without any doubt, it lives up to every word in the sentence if you try. May be it is because I'm having the best days in my work life as I'm serving my notice period at work which is soon going to end in few days. In fact, one of my friends from the cab told me ‘notice period is exactly like a honeymoon period’ but that's metaphor. There is no doubt that I'm leaving my current job but I'm still part of the company and very much part the workforce till the 1st of June. 

Despite the good times but in a hindsight I'm going to be missing every single thing about this company, Aon Hewitt, who have provided me a roof over my head, a family known as team, managers living up to Aon Leadership model, a cubicle with 360 degrees view of the entire floor, friends from different background, the 20 minutes allotted daily for Social network(Facebook and Twitter), unbound space of opportunity for personal growth and career, a decent salary by the end of the month, and the game 'carom' which I enjoyed the most among the several other recreational activities provided. Sometimes, in a serious tone, I used to wonder whether I'm going for work or play!

The AonHewitt Company I'm working with will become one part of my work life. And I will always be proud to say 'I used to work for AonHewitt'. But my work life is just as a limb, a part of me, just like my hand or feet. Same with our life, we don't say my hand useless or my appendix has no purpose. Whatever that is part of us; I thought it always has its own significance and it is always worth it. I want to emphasize our work life which is rather as important as our mind, a major part of our body. In fact, work life is similar as our muscle giving us the strength to keep moving. Once we can make work life a part of our existence like our hand or fingers, there is nothing we can do to complain about our work life is stressful and monotonous. It is ours to make it fun and enjoyable like the way we use our fingers to type and make WhatsApp’s or Line messaging interesting and enjoying. However if we have make our work an outside entity and do not consider a part of our life, we won't be happy even with all riches of the world can offer.

In science term, our body anatomy consist of brain, hand, feet, muscle, etc. But the way our present world, it is ‘work’ which tops among all the other anatomies because it feed the body. Argumentatively, our brain nevertheless constitutes the hierarchy. However, despite our work life unconsciously or consciously constituting an important role in our life but hardly we look at it like the way we look at ourselves in mirror. I don't know for people who don’t appreciate themselves by looking at the mirror. Obviously, work comes with stress and pressure but it is compensated by reward. Stress and pressure are not complex in nature. Rather it is our body reaction on how receptive we are with stress and pressure, and how we deal with it.

My work life is not over; I'm just changing the course of direction. May be, my new work environment will be conducive or I may even take some time to settle in. The fact is that even a Formula 1 driver just doesn't accelerate his car and join the race to win. To compete in the race; he studies the road map, check the engine, check the oil meter, check the tyre, adjust the rear window, etc., before the race start. The process will take some amount of time to sink in but once the race start, the adrenaline thrill kicks in and the racing is already a part of him but in the end, it is his love for driving and skills that will decide the result of the race. We are hardly different from the Formula 1 driver. It is just a matter of perspective of how we look at our work life. Note that the environment is the outside entity because our work life is very much part of our body or life.

Food for thought: “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” William James.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

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