Sunday, May 31, 2015

"The Apocalypse of Power Outage"

It's arson. There's no lights, no electricity and no gas. What else is going to start it? Jay Lewis.

Good Afternoon!

Since the first week of May in Delhi, the weather temperature has been juggling in between the range of 40 to 44 degree Celsius, and the worst you can expect in this kind of situation is a goddamn power outage. It is insane to have experience a power outage of more than 4 hours yesterday afternoon when the temperature was almost 43 degree Celsius outside. Imagine the room temperature! My sweat drips all over me like my body is some sort of fountain water. It's such a pity with my hyperhidrosis issue adding up to my woe. There is hardly you can blame anyone to overcome the heat except for the power-cut. 

As if the power outage during the day was not enough, another 2 hours of power outage during the mid-night was the icing on the cake. I tried to sleep but I couldn't find a single spot where the floor was not very warm. The humidity of my room was unbearable. I know God isn't responsible for the summer heat or the power-cut. Even then, I tried praying so He'd change the heart of the person who cut off the power for some reason. Isn't it ridiculous praying to God for power outage? Well, that was my utter desperation SOS message to God hoping He'd perform some kind of miracle even though it is not his jurisdiction.  

What I cannot fathom the fact that Delhi is a metropolitan city and yet it cannot provide electricity 24/7. It's a shame and a dark spot from a neutral point of view as Delhi is also one of the Global cities. For common people like me, the power outage is more than a punishment rather it is like an apocalypse condemnation in hell. The body just snapped succumbing to heat with no relief from the standstill ceiling fan although it is working perfectly. The ceiling fan simply seems like a decoration in the bedroom or the living room when you needed the most. I don't know what is it going to take for the government to realize the misery of common people. 

Most of our politicians won't understand the effect of power-cut and will never unless they spend a day as normal person minus their luxury. I can bet, some them won't even last for 5 minutes. The perks of being politician is neither they go through like an ordinary people nor they really have to care about power outage; after all it is summer season for which they are not responsible for the heat. And coincidentally, most of the power company seemed to carrying out their maintenance work especially during the summer conveniently. Well, I'm not just assuming rather it is fact. Please find the details of Tata Power scheduled outage for maintenance work for the month of May and June at: . And for the consumers of BSES, please visit the site: .  

What a lame excuse! Coming up with the lame excuse of "maintenance work" during this warm summer when actually they are unable to carter the demand of power. What were they doing during the winter when the power consumption is relatively low compared to summer? Of course, this is also failure of the administration and it is rather absurd. They seems to have omitted the population of Delhi and the long summer also having a say on the demand and supply of power beside the other factors like, manufacturing industry, transport, tertiary sector, etc. Of course, the demand of power during the summer is high but the administration has monitor and the power distributors have to prepared for this kind of situation. It is not that summer comes only once in a decade in Delhi.  

Energy conservation is one thing but the necessity in warm summer like this outweighs the conservation. And I'm not remotely interested with the blame-game between the administration and the power distributors. All I want is a 24/7 power supply especially during the summer. After all, Delhi is the capital of India and I don't want another dark spot added to the many other infamous incidents Delhi is known for. 

Food for Thought: “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.” Thomas A. Edison.

Thank you!

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