Saturday, May 30, 2015


“Farewell has a sweet sound of reluctance. Good-bye is short and final, a word with teeth sharp to bite through the string that ties past to the future.” John Steinbeck.

Good Morning!

I have had one of the best moments of my life working with Aon, and it all started with a huge sigh of relief right after I got through the final round of interview on 22nd April, 2014. Then, it was followed by days, months, a year, and finally, yesterday was my last day with Aon. With no regrets and complaints, it has come to an end rather abruptly but not the end of my road. However with my head held high, I made friends whom I will always consider them as family. In Aon, if you don't make friends while you are there, it is your fault rather it is not the organization or the people.

Well, I met many extraordinary people in my time with Aon whom I have learned a lot and will always admire about their amazing professionalism and above all their down to earth personalities. But today, I would like to focus on one person who will always be my role model, Rajiv Rana. The first day I saw him, I thought he is just another employee of Aon doing his job. And when I realized his designation, I really felt embarrassed of my intolerable ignorance. Shit! He is my Delivery Manager who reports to the Managing Director in our line of business. It was not his title that had me change the tone but rather the way he carry himself well with his work and his relation with the entire employees under his wing. That was the day I learned the first thing rather very important lesson about professionalism from him.

His humble upbringing, his positive attitude, friendliness, always starving to learn from whomsoever, wide knowledge in every subjects, and other many qualities, etc., are worth imitating for people like me and you pursuing success. The second thing I learned from him is, giving importance to other more than 'you'. Obviously, I also carry the same doubt like anyone else about giving importance to other more than to myself. But then, anyone with the kind of the above mentioned qualities are the people who acquired the authority to lead and guide. Of course, Rajiv Rana is one of them.

Learning from people is more valuable than the learning from the business tools. After all, people are the one who manage the tools to tick. I thought interaction is rather undervalued even though it is the key to learning. Yet, we keep on knocking the wrong door when we only need an interaction to start the learning process. I had to admit, I've been a fool looking for the answer at the wrong places when it was right in front of me. There are no stupid questions or answers as long as you want to know the truth and acquire knowledge. Every interaction I have had with Rajiv Rana have been always interesting and fruitful. And the third lesson I learnt from him is, try to learn from anyone through the way of interaction.

So far, I'm able to compiled only into three lessons although there are many good qualities I might have skipped in this blog. Nevertheless, my time with Aon is a grand success and was indeed an incredible journey and I'm happy to have met Rajiv Rana(Sir) personally including all my friends. Thanks to everyone! 

Food for  Thought: “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” Ernest Hemingway.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

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