Monday, May 04, 2015

"The Road Not Taken"

Good Afternoon!

I'm getting an epiphany of the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. The poem keeps on playing in my mind since the last Friday when I have decided a change of course with my career. The clock keeps on ticking and I'm trying my best to reason myself with practicality that I'm not going down rather I'm trying to build a new bridge. What if I taking the road not taken? Anyway, the poem gives me the strength to go for it. In a lighter note, the positive thing about "the road not taken" of mine is that this is my last summer here in New Delhi and I'm not going to miss it. Now, I like the saying 'it is good to start a new journey with a smile on your face'....:)

I have always and still in love with whatever I have been doing for the past one year. And believe it or not, I have learn quiet a bit from the people whom I see everyday. It is not going to be easy with the new road because I have to plant my foot before I can get it started. Above all, I'm going start seeing new people. I thought I was clear with the road I have chosen a year ago but after all life is like a maze. In maze, you seems to have figure out the road but it is always not the right one until you have tried all the possibilities. But at the end, you'll always figure out the right one. Likewise, I hope I taking the right path. Without any doubt, I'm not afraid even if it going to be difficult and I'm ready to face any kind of obstacles like every one.

Speaking about maze, it is an interesting topic. I'm sure we all are aware of rats use in laboratory in order to study their brains? And rats are particularly gifted in finding out the right path in maze. Especially, rats has been used in experimental mazes to study spatial learning and their memory. The study has discovered general principles about learning that can be applied to many species including humans. For me, the uniqueness of the study with rat and maze is that a rat start the maze from the perspective of reality in order to find out the right route whereas human we usually starts from the end of the maze narrowing down towards the starting point. Of course, a rat will not run simply in a maze unless it is a hungry rat with a food reward at the end. It is very interesting concept when our life is also like a maze where there many twists and turns in order to achieve what we are after. However, the maze of our life is not like an experimental maze rather we are like a rat inside a complicated classic maze.

The countdown has already started for me, and it is unlike the countdown of New Year eve celebration. Without any fanfares but rather with just a leap of faith, it is going to be a step worth remembering because it is still a new journey or say a new classic maze. There's an old Chinese saying: “as long as you’re planning a journey, you own the journey. The minute you embark on that journey, the journey owns you.” I believed the old Chinese say and the poem that I really like "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost compliments each other. You can read the poem below:

I'm pretty sure the poem make sense to everyone. The most valuable thing in life is love, and I'm going to be missing the love I felt everyday on my journey from my nodal point to office. God! I have been too rigid and practical. Guess what! I can't even tell the most beautiful girl in the world, "You are the most beautiful girl in the world." I have been traveling with her in the same coach to office for nearly around 5-6 months now. And sometimes, she sat next to me but I turned myself into a stone cold face as if I don't feel anything for her. But it is just that I rather admire her everyday from a distance. By now, I'm sure my silence would have been misunderstood a lot.
Food for thought:
"Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." Lao Tzu.
Thank you. Have a lovely evening!

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