Friday, May 15, 2015

“Domestic Violence”

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” Nora Ephron.

Good evening!

I've never felt so low in my mind and heart whenever a victim continues to ally with the perpetrator as if it is normal form of married life. It really makes me feel sick and nauseous especially when you know the victim very well. You want to sucker-punch the perpetrator and knocked him down to generate sense in his early-man head. Obviously, punching won't help but at least I'll be in peace with myself thinking I have done the right thing. But the problem is the victim who'd rather save the skin of the perpetrator than to fight back and move forward. I guessed the victim scenario is what we gain from an imperfect culture of Patriarchy when the surname and honor is everything at the cost of his wife bearing the brunt of her egoistic husband.

And I don't get it why our society frowned upon when addressing an issue of domestic violence. There is a friend of mine and she got married to a guy from different community. The parents of the girl approved the guy for the sake of their daughter happiness. Sadly, on the other hand, the guy didn't even inform his parents about his plan to marry just because he fears his mother might disapproved. But if he is really in love with my friend, he'd give a shot and request his mother approval. I’m not sure if his intention of marrying my friend was related to love and start a family together. Somehow, they got married and everything seems to be alright.

Now that they are married couple, the guy suddenly remembers all his culture and tradition. God! Hypocrisy at highest level! He thinks he owns his wife and no one can stop him. And he expects his wife to do everything he says, speak his language and live like a Television soap serial housewife or else suffer the wrath of his cowardice actions.

The reason I'm writing it here is a message to the prick for abusing and hitting his wife. And I really hope he is reading the message because he is listed in my friend list on Facebook, and I’m hoping the title “Domestic Violence” would catch his attention. I’m sorry to put up this threat but I have to send him this message, “Get your hand off your wife or else expect a handcuff soon from the police.” If not, note that I know how to use my hand for punching. Your wife is not going to hold on to you forever. Right now, she thinks she can straighten you with love and care. But I bet, and in the end, she will realize you are just a lost cause though you are already to me.

To my friend, I'm sorry if you see this blog and I don't mean to bring any harm upon you. You do know that I care for you like my own sister. I know your strength but please do not drain it out for a lost cause. If your husband ever uses his hand to hit you again after seeing my blog, I guess I have made my point and that’s your way out. You always know that I would never bring harm upon you. I’ve never intended to come in between you and your husband but I thought ‘enough is enough.’ And I just don't want to be your friend as a silent spectator and feel hapless. You'd done the same thing for me if I get into any kind of trouble.

Food for thought: You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Brigham Young.

Thank you.

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