Sunday, May 10, 2015

"For my Mother"

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." Abraham Lincoln.

Happy Mother's day!

Mother! You were my cocoon when I just become a possibility of life. In your womb, you shelter me, comfort me, nourish me, love me, so I can see the light of the world. And it happened on 6 April 1989, precisely 26 years ago. The first time you held me in your arms, I may not remember but for sure I knew I was safe. I may not remember the first time I crawled but I'm sure you'd be the proudest mother in the world then. And I may not recollect the moment I walked for the first time but I'm sure you'd be very happy to know that your son is growing up. When you dropped me off for my first day in kindergarten, I'm sure you'd be the most worried woman in the world that day.

Although I grew up to be rather a stubborn kid yet you tolerated all my childishness because you knew I will grow up one day when I'm passed over my adolescence. At times, I've ignored you for my friends but you were my best friend I want to go for shopping. When we shopped, my father would point out the dresses and the shoe I should wear, and yet you managed to buy the things I laid my eyes upon. My happiness was your main priority over my father logical and rational standard of shopping. As a teenage boy, I know I have let you down many times especially after you washed my clothes because you'd either find tobacco litters or the stain of pan masala. Yet, you'd suppressed your disappointment, and you would advised me like I was blind man needing the help of another person to cross a road. You knew that my immaturity level that blinded me throughout my adolescence will gradually go away.

I've given you a whole lot of sleepless night because I couldn't be so careless more than anyone else. At times, I used to think why you have to so worried about me. But I didn't know it is your non-negotiable rights as mother to be worrying about your children. Anyway, I will try everyday to make sure I'm OK in your heart and mind. And your faith in me is the everlasting fuel that keeps me going to be a better human being. There is not a single day that can take away the importance and essence of Mother's day, not even the annual Christmas or the Diwali celebration. Today is your day, and I love you. Thank you for being my mother.

Before I wrote this blog, I asked my two younger brothers to write one paragraph each for you. My youngest brother told me there is no particular moment that stood above all the other to say you are the best mother. He told me, it will unfair to point out one incident of your kindness and love towards him is the best because you give us your best everyday. Lawrence also echoed the same thought and they were right about it. And I'm very happy because of you, they are very mature and loving brothers of mine. Our love for you written in this blog is not to be locked forever in our hearts but this is for you like the carving on rock which will remain forever.

Food for thought: "God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." Rudyard Kipling.

Thank you.

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