Sunday, May 17, 2015


“Scepticism is the first step towards truth.” Denis Diderot.

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Does history matter? If so, have we learned something from history? Of course, there is nothing we need to learn from history. After all, history keeps on repeating itself every day. Barbarian civilization, well there is nothing more barbaric than the killings we see every day on TV news and newspaper. The irony about killings is that man has made killing easier than it used to be. The invention of guns, nuclear weapons, drone, missiles, tanks, etc., have collectively replaced the arrows, knives, spears, horses, etc. Unfortunately, the justification of all these killings is shockingly for the achievement of world peace at large.

Now, I'm really confused if I should endorse war, which is actually killings, for peace and progress. It is rather not very easy to decide when evils exist among us in the form of humans. But how do we judge and term those people as evil? Obviously, evil is something we should neither tolerate nor bring it on the table for negotiation. However, the fact is that many innocents are sacrificed like a lamb in order to eliminate one evil. The collateral damage from the recent conflict between Israel and Palestinians (in Gaza strip) has cost thousands of innocent lives including children's. The ongoing conflict between these two countries keeps on happening again and again just because the leaders from both sides won't agree to talk and negotiate in a table for political solution but rather kill each other.

I guessed, history is the reason behind the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine's. I won't get into the details about how the conflict between these two nations started. In short, the present day Israel used to be occupied by the Palestinians under the British Mandate as British Mandatory Palestine. However during the Second World War and after the Holocaust in Europe, the Zionism movement grew stronger and the state of Israel was formed and was declared independence from the British mandate Palestine in the year 1948. Well, it just that the Jews (the Israelites) believed Israel is their promised land as per their Holy book, Torah, whereas on the other hand, Palestinians believed that the present Israel is their birthright land.

But the core of the conflict between Israel and Palestine is rather based on religion beliefs. It is implausible why religions can't make us live as one. Instead, it just became an equation dividing us infinitely which is rather irrational. Evil is not a quality we are born with but it just become a part of us because we groom and feed it with our hatred. Blind faith is just a tool for politicians or the leaders and when it engulfs with politics, damage has been done already. It is not only about Israel and Palestine conflict but in the larger picture, Christians and Jews against Muslims, Muslims against the power of Western countries, Hindus and Muslims, communism against religions, etc.

I strongly feel that faith alone is not the answer. Skepticism which is rather rationalism is the need of the time. We need to be questioning our history every now and then so that we can come to a rational equation and live together as one in harmony. Otherwise we have never learned from our history rather we are always in the brink of repeating it again and again. I just hope my God and your God is not betting on all of us living in the world and see who is the strongest among us from up above... :) Being skeptics is not about questioning our sanity but it is about questioning ourselves and coming in terms with our insanity on beliefs we cannot see or feel yet we'd kill each other.

Food for thought: “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” Douglas Adams.

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