Saturday, March 14, 2015


“I respect the fact that people have worked hard all week and want to go to the movies on the weekend and be entertained.” Michael Moore.

Good afternoon!

The difference between weekends and weekdays is the latter let your hormones inactive as if you are going through a divorce whereas the former automatically upped your Testosterone like it is your wedding night.  I’m not sure if anyone feels these two levels of changes like the way I do. I guess it is just a psychological phenomenon. Anyhow, I had productive week and I am hoping to take these two days to indulge myself with movies and read some articles accompanied by music. With the only football match I’m interested is to be played on Sunday at 9:30 PM, I have today to watch some good movies and read some articles randomly to hunt for ideas.

I have the movie “The Fault in our Stars” since the last week of February. My friend Akash gave it to me but I haven't watched the movie yet. Those who have watched the movie told me it is a very good romantic movie and emotional. However the word emotional tripped me as I do not enjoy watching a movie which has very sad ending like Romeo and Juliet tragedy. May be I have perceive the movie will have a sad ending or the fact is that I do not want the drain myself in tears…  Lo! What a crime if a man shed tears after watching a sad move? But today, I'm going watch the movie.

Most of us will say it’s just a “movie” but I think the present generations like us are influence by popular culture. After watching the movies starring your favourite stars, it can influence you for a couple of days, or more. We have seen the hairstyle of Jack’s character in the movie “Titanic” was copied all over the world by his fans. When it is comes to our own Bollywood, the hairstyle of Salman Khan in “Tere Naam” created a frenzy mania where the fans started copying the same hairstyle of Salman Khan. Last but not the least, there are also some idiots trying to replicate the impossible bank robbery scene in movie in reality.

Besides the fun parts, there are also good movies like P.K., Pursuit to Happiness, Rocky, Damini, Mother India, etc. These movies are some of the few good movies which offer inspiring characters and personalities, fight against all odds, combating social evils and wider outlook on religions. I can assure you if you watch the movies I have mentioned, you will sense a change in your heart as well as your mindset. And when you felt the change, that’s what we called “art”. My definition of “art” is the creative way to touch your heart with sensibility and clear perspective on the subjects.

Thank you. Enjoy your weekend!

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