Friday, March 27, 2015


"The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations." Eli Khamarov.

Yesterday, at around 4 PM(Thursday), I was having lunch with my friend just opposite to my office and the surrounding looks quiet secluded unlike the usual scene of present days chaos. Of course, the cricket World cup semi-final match between India and Australia was going on, and most of my office colleagues were watching the live match on our office Cafeteria LCD. I didn't follow the match but it’s not that I’m not supporting team India. In fact, I do love the India Cricket team however starting from the opening match; I haven’t watched any of our team India matches played. 

In India, cricket world cup is a big event and it comes only once after every four years. And if I have to invest my entire heart and soul supporting our team India to win, losing is not the option for me. Therefore, I don’t want to get disappointed at the end especially after watching the match for 7-8 hours on T.V. Getting over from defeats is the worst hangover of all time. So this year cricket world cup has been casual for me.

We as a fan have this very high expectation for every matches played by our team India. Knowing our team India has not lost any single matches played until yesterday defeats by Australia, we may have built a strong belief as well as fancy our chance of winning the World cup again. I’m sure for the die-hard cricket fans; the joy of watching our team India playing in semi-final must be exhilarating. Yet the expectation we set for our team India is unreal; and nothing matters unless the World cup is won or else criticising the players from head to toe just to overcome the frustration and disappointment. Unfortunately, India lost the match yesterday, and the critics as well as some idiot fans comes out with guns blazing from every side of media.

I thought the criticism of Virat Kohli does not appear professional rather very personal as reported in Times of India. Is there any reason to blame his girlfriend watching the match? He played a shot knowing the risk and got out, that’s it. We don’t need to treat the failed shot like a brain surgery. And it was not only him playing for the team; the whole team just had a bad day. I’m sure Kohli might have also hope to win the match like us but the opponent team was simply the better team yesterday. Our prime minister has even stated “defeat and victory are a part of life.” We should have at least tried to accept the defeat silently if we cannot graciously applaud the opponent team to get over with the defeat. The blame game criticism reported in major news medium like Times of India is just too low.

Please know that our team India has played well as a former champion throughout the tournament until yesterday defeats. Anyway, we must try applauding their courage and the efforts they have put in as a team. Dhoni, as a captain, with his head held high bow out from the World cup along with his players. It is pleasing to know Dhoni defending Virat Kohli when he could have easily avoided the question from the journalist. The lost was the result of collective failure as a team having a bad day at field. Anyway, Dhoni deserves the respect he has earned for himself throughout his career playing for India. And this time let’s get behind our team when they will arrive from Australia. After all, the players will be more affected emotionally from the defeats than us as very cricketers dream is to win the World cup.

Yesterday's the past, and what we can learn from the defeats could be helpful in future. We must never set high expectation from someone else unless it is from you. Most of the youngster like me are working in private MNCs, and we also kind of expect an increment in double digits by the end of the financial year. But 90-95 % of the time, we are left disappointed because the increment is below our expectation. However, we must never set low expectation from ourselves. Similarly, when we set a high expectation from our team India, we are building a bridge that can lead us straight to anguish, anger, disappointment, etc. We have to be realistic and know that when two teams are playing for a final spot, only one can win the match. Unfortunately, the other team has to lose. It necessarily doesn't mean that the team does not deserve criticism but it has to be professional.

Food for Thought: "Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. There's nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day." Rachel Boston.

Thank you. Have a good night!

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