Monday, March 09, 2015

"Be Fruitful"

Good afternoon! 

I was browsing the internet to find a beautiful quote dedicated to our special day "MONDAY". And I just found one as I type "quotes on Monday" on Google search and I hope it would do justice to my least effort... :) "Monday is the perfect day to correct the last week's mistakes".

I think most of us have already heard the story about the barren tree and the fruitful tree. My dad also told me the story when I was growing up. I hear the story again when I was in Hostel during one of our daily morning mass from a Gospel reading. Both the story is same but my dad modified to make the story more related to our traditions. Those days, neither I was an obedient son nor was I good mannered. I either create problem or worsen the problem even more... :) My dad was really unhappy with my behaviors, and I totally agree with him if I am to recollect all those memories for the times when I have make him lose his mind literally. And even now, I don't count myself as good son unless he says, "You are my good son".

One night, we were sitting together in the kitchen warming ourselves by the fire pit in our village. He told me, "I am going tell you a story about the barren tree and the fruitful tree". I said, Ok. He asked me, "What do you think I will be doing with my 10 years old Mango tree if it doesn't bear me any fruits?” I answered, we can still wait. And he replied, "What if my patience can no longer bear?” I answered, "Maybe we can cut the Mango tree and it can be useful as firewood". He stopped and concluded, "That’s the story about the barren tree".

After the barren tree fate has been sealed, he came up with the fruitful tree. He asked me again, "Do you know why I do not cut down the orange trees in our field, and instead I had to pay others to renovate the fences every year although it is quiet far from our house?” I answered, "The orange trees always bear fruits during the season, and every year during our winter vacation we eat the orange". And he concluded the story by saying, "Now you know the difference between a barren tree and a fruitful tree, and it is also same with our life". And then he concluded the story, I thought it was just a story about fruits tree.

Now that I understand the essence of the story, it is very inspiring and motivates me every day in every aspect of my life. "Be fruitful" is a simple fact, and the message is clear as it is literally as well as theologically. And I hope my week will be fruitful as well as yours.

Thank you. Have a good evening!

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