Friday, March 13, 2015

"Indian Penal Code"

“A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty” Rudyard Kipling.

Good morning! 

I was thinking of writing about movies and music with the weekend approaching. But I had to change my mind when I read the news of 14 years old girl raped by his teacher in Bhandara, Maharashtra. The rape incident happened inside the school premises. I’m very saddened and appalled by the act of the teacher on his students who revered him. I really don’t know “what’s wrong with this people?” Do they really deserve to live among us?

With the recent controversy surrounding the documentary film “India’s Daughter”, it has brought us to our attention again the government does not really care about rape issue and its victims. My sympathy and prayer is with the victim including her family. I can’t imagine the trauma and the psychological effect on the girl is currently going through. Will she enjoy going to school again? I thought even the word “school” will haunt her now. The memory of the rape incident is simply not going to disappear like it was a dream. I always believe ‘rape’ is the worst crime prevalent in our society. I don’t even have a better word to describe this crime.

What is it going to take for the government to amend the drawbacks with our Justice system? Under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code, a convicted rapist is sentenced only for 7 years (which can be extended to 10 years) of imprisonment is a very light punishment compared to the victims pain, trauma, and in-erasable memories. But let alone the convicted rapist serving the 7 years in imprisonment, the rapist will be Scot-free within a year waiting to pound on another victim. The loophole in our justice is such that a defense lawyer is able to get a light verdict for their client with ridiculous theory and explanation in spite of the grave nature related to the crime.

The current rape case, the teacher raping the minor 14 years old student, I’m afraid if the defense lawyer comes up with a theory saying the girl was wearing a skirt in school which has no place in our society. In fact, I'm not able to digest the statement made by the defense lawyer of the 5 convicted rapists of 2012 incident. He said, “There is no place for women in our society.” I know why they are bringing up all sort of ridiculous explanation because they know the very ridiculous explanation can tweak the loophole of Section 376 of Indian Penal Code. Once a rapist is convicted with the supporting evidence, there should be no ground for retrial or appeals unless the verdicts in the cases come after a grossly unfair trial in which the judge did not review evidence or allow the defense to cross-examine.

Take the example of Jessica Lal murder accused Manu Sharma reports of hanging out with his friends in a pub in 10 November 2009 despite he is serving life time imprisonment in Tihar jail. Every now and then, I see in the news where the accused is requesting parole for this and that reasons. Is it this is not the loopholes in our Justice system where it need amendment? Or is this the justice the victims and their family deserved?

The victims has spoken, the victims family has spoken, the people has raised their voice, the issue has been tweeted, shared and blogged in every channels of media, etc. However the attitude of government is appalling who does not want any changes to better our life and provide a safe environment for our women population in spite of voting for them to lead us to brighter future. For God sake, we owe our existence to woman. Is it really difficult to realize the importance of women in our life? They are our mother, wife, daughter, friend, and whatever I’m today, it is because of my mother. One day, I am also going have a family. And it is not possible without a woman I love. 

But I'm afraid we have a Police administration failing to provide safety and security to woman in a large scale. The politicians doesn't give a damn about women safety and security. No offence but I regard all politicians as Authoritarian male ego-centered with no respect to woman. In fact, there are currently 499 males Member of Parliament sitting in Lok Shabha out of the total 543 seats. I highly doubt if they will amend the law regarding rape unless we all fight, fight again, and keep fighting for it, for only then evil be kept at jail for lifetime or sentence to death, though never quite eradicated. Anyone reading my blog please share with your family and friends so we can fight together for better tomorrow.

Thank you. Have a great day!

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