Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Curable Disease"

“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.” Miguel de Cervantes.

Every day on my way to office, there is one particular four way traffic light where I have noticed the same few beggars as well as the hawkers through the window glass of my office coach. The traffic red light paused for at least 55 seconds in the direction we used to reach office. During these 55 seconds, around 2-3 beggars start begging right from the first vehicle till the last. It amazed me on how they efficiently use the 55 second window. Similarly, there are also the hawkers selling strawberry, car window shades, flowers, etc. but it appears the 55 seconds window is too short for them.

It made me realize when you have something worthwhile to be done, time is limited. But for the beggars, it is abundant yet not worthwhile. I just cannot fathom the situation leading them to beg rather to do something worthy of time. The only possible factor according to me is “Begging is a profession” for them. However, does it worth the time of your life? And the most excruciating part of this profession is doing the begging in from of their little ones beside them as if it is patrimony. I really feared if they actually hurt their little ones in order to manipulate the appearance to gain more sympathy. It is complete madness; the least they could have tried is to prevent their children from begging in future.

I believed it may seem pointless to talk about the beggars when they do not hope for a better future by doing something worthwhile but my point in writing this blog is awareness so we can eradicate begging. The resource of livelihood is out there and if you don’t want to go for it, the resource just becomes a waste. Think about the malnutrition in Ethiopia where people do not have any viable resources to eradicate malnutrition. Ethiopia is a country with no resources with most people suffering from malnutrition generation after generation. Yet here our country, we have the resource but limited with some people who do not have the integrity to fight for it share.

Only God knows whatever they plan for their future or maybe they don’t have hope at all. I’m wondering if they enjoy the food bought with the money obtained from begging. Trust me; it is not that I don’t have any mercy for the poor and the weak but just beggars. And please correct me if I am wrong; begging is a social evil polluting our country image and portraying a negative mirror of our culture. I’m damn sure with confidence, begging does not even have place in the lowest food chain system. I rather respect a seasonal thief than a beggar who has all the attributes to work. 

I believed there are no hindrances when it comes to any kind of odd jobs around us. For example, there is mopping, cleaning, wiping, collecting, hawking newspaper, etc. where one can earn some amount although little less. But by the end of the day, with pride and integrity, one can buy a dinner for the whole family. By following this practice, it also conveys a message to everyone as well as their children the greatest lesson on how to live your life, i.e., work, self respect and the value of life.

In some of the tourist spots in our country, the government has put up the notice advising travelers to discourage begging. And we can make it a success by joining our hands together in eradicating begging, and that too, not only at the tourist spots but all over India. Only when we have stopped giving alms, they will be compel to work and widen their horizon. This is the best way to help them rather than to feed from hand to mouth. And when we have done it, we shall all be proud to say there is not even a single beggar in India because we have helped them to stand on their own feet. Anyone can do any kind of odd works but work always comes with a respect.

Food for Thought: “True compassion does not sit on the laps of renovation; it dives with an approach to reconstruction. Don't throw a coin at a beggar. Rather, destroy his source of poverty.” Israelmore Ayivor.

Thank you. Have a good night!

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