Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Good morning! 

I cannot remember the last time I were not scared of sitting in the front seat of my office cab for home drop. Truth be told, I’m really afraid of speed and this might be the factor that I’m still unable to learn driving till now. Anyway for the past two days, I’m having a pleasant experience sitting at the front seat next to the driver for my home drop.

I can stand up for that driver if the award for best office cab driver is on the card. And I hope there is one because this can motivate all the other drivers for service excellence. There are times when you want to reach home early if you have a prior commitment or you want to reach office early because you do not want to miss the scheduled meeting with onshore client. These are the moments when you can identify the professionalism of a driver.

A professional driver will not care about your scheduled meeting or your prior commitment in your personal life… :) He will only care about the traffic rules and your safety till the destination. Couple of times, I have instigated driver to drive faster so I can catch up with my office coach or not to miss the movie show. But that’s my bad and carelessness for not getting ready on time. Anyway my point here in highlighting the role of driver is to appreciate his professionalism and efficiency who for the past two days have make my journey back to home from office the most pleasant experience.

After all life is also a journey and we all wanted it to make it a pleasant experience till the end. And the great thing about this journey is you are your own “driver.” But when we break the traffic rules on our way, we do know we are going to be paying a fine by the end of the journey. The journey of life is not how we planned before we start, like the old Chinese saying: “as long as you’re planning a journey, you own the journey. The minute you embark on that journey, the journey owns you.” But you are still the driver of your journey and you can steer to make your journey a success.

Thank you. Have a great day!

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