Tuesday, March 03, 2015


I thought of writing in my blog once a week reviewing only for the Manchester United matches. But today, it is not related United game nor it is about any football matches played recently. And frankly, I had a very bad start for the day and it make me reflects on my every action as well as reaction which has been orchestrated after I woke up. And can you believe it? My Office is kind of become my best friend and my confidante, and here we are. Anyway on my way to office via coach, I had a good time listening to songs of Ozzy Osbourne's Dreamer and Mama I'm coming home, John Legend's All of me, and other songs in my playlist. 

The reason why I mentioned the name of the songs tiltle is that it gave me a goose bump after the bad start to my day. It was soothing to my mind and my heart that I weren’t able remembers about the bad start I had. Some of you might be wondering, "What is your reason for your bad start?" and "Why do you have to be that passive and not optimistic?" I'll get to the point but I kind of think myself as one of those people in drama where the character is always misunderstood. In the end, the misunderstood character always falls and has to restart again all over. I believe this is the character that I can relate to myself. If not, am I that person who is very impatient not knowing when to act and when not to act? Or, are my words like a blunt knife which can hurt a person badly?

In my opinion, arguments can only be classified into two categories: 1. Positive and 2. Negative. Anyway, it is a universal truth...  In the morning, as I was getting ready for my work; I had a very heated argument with one of my closed one. I won't disclose the name nor will I ever elaborate to an extent of assassinating character. However, the fact that I'm writing about the incident is not going to be in details rather the lesson I learnt from it. The lesson kept on bugging me unless I share with my new friend, my blog.

No matter whether you have the best rational decision in your mind or you have agreed within yourself it is the right thing to say however if the one to whom it is addressed is not ready for the big talk, you end up being the villain in their eyes. And what a crime to be part in it! I have never doubted the love of my closed family or relatives. But today, the principle of believing in your family without any doubt is a false truth. Can you ever agree to the formula when two is treated as one however when outside of the territory, one is still one? I mean how is it possible at all two can be one unless it benefits the one who professed. It is really appalling when one only thinks for itself when you can see clearly that the other person is suffering. And I really do not want to be part of this system. If you don't value the things around you, how is it going to be possible that you will make it on your own?

For God sake, words are to be spoken out to eliminate pre-judgment. It is in fact that truth can be bitter and no one wants to taste the bitter part. Sometime the truth words always come out in the form of frustration or when you start thinking I can't tolerate this anymore. And when the words started rap out of your tongue, maybe it is too blunt, it doesn't mean that the truth can be ignored. The words spoken are usually pre-mediated. As the other person has been ignoring the fact, I felt I was absolutely right to speak out the truth. Say for example, I can afford only five pencils and my best friend can afford ten pencils for the drawing class. One day, our teacher informs us to bring 7 pencils each without fail for drawing competition. What do you think my best friend would do in this case? He can either let me borrow his two extra pencils or does not anything in spite of knowing that I can afford only 5 when he can afford 10 pencils.

This is all I have to write for today. And I hope you all will think about the last paragraph because this is the scenario that led to the heated argument that nearly ruin my day. Anyway I had a good time here in office with my friends and colleagues. And last but not the least, music can sooth any emotions in our life. I'd recommend all of you to listen 'All of me' by John Legend before going to sleep.

Thank you.

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