Saturday, March 07, 2015


After spending nearly 60 hours of the past 5 days in office including travelling time, finally it's weekend. The excitement of weekend is like watching the final minutes of 1980s Hindi movies when the hero suddenly fights like "The Hulk" although he was beaten black and blue in the beginning. Today, I woke up early with full of energy....:) I played the song "Headlights" by Eminem (feat. Nate Ruess), "Guts over fear" and followed by Sia's album "1000 form of fears". All of the songs are great with good lyrics. Especially, I really like the Eminem's Headlights and Sia's "Elastic heart". Eminem's Headlights lyric surprised me the most in a very good way. Of course, there are few explicit words but the essence in the music is a message which can influence a person.

During the start of Eminem's career in music industry, he invented his alter-ego "Slim Shady" and he dissed everyone starting from his mother, wife, and gay people and objectifying women in most of the songs released in early 2000s. And I won't recommend anyone to look into those lyrics. As an artist, he is one of the best selling artists and he is also known as the king of hip-hop. Believe it or not, I got a cassette of Eminem 2nd album "The Slim Shady LP" from a friend when I was in 7 standards. I didn't know anything about hip-hop or rap music at that time. 

The only thing that I knew was those explicit words "F##k" and "B***h", and out of sheer ignorance, I just wanted to listen those words in the rap music. I can still remember playing the song "Please stand up" in my portable Phillips tape very loud when our village Church Pastor visited our home in Christmas. I don't understand why I did that.

The Eminem music I like those time is not same with the Eminem music I listening this days. There was a tear in my eyes when I listened to the song "Headlights" for the first time. The song is a tribute to his "MOM" and seeking her forgiveness for all the things he had said in the past out of anger and immaturity. I'm sure his mother will be very pleased to listen to the song dedicated to her. Above all, she'd be really happy to know his son has grown. It is not only this song from the latest released album "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" that stood out. "Beautiful pain" and "Guts over fear" both feat. Sia are also those songs you can listen repeatedly. The lyric in the songs are very inspiring and has a clear message of maturity over immaturity.

We always talk about the word "change" with reference to our life, system, government, etc. I've seen many times in News channels professing 'change' we need in our Government system, Policing system, judicial system, etc. Seldom have we remembered 'change' need to start from our heart. A change in a Budget report is not going to change a common people overnight because he is working on daily basis to feed his family by the end of the day. A change in our judicial system is not going sentence all the criminals with pending cases overnight. A change in a price of petrol or diesel is not going to benefits all. A change in a government is not going stop the corruption and bring back the black money overnight. The issue with the word 'change' we profess is based on monetary benefits; and it is too logic and rational. It appears we have forgotten to contribute our conscience in our build up to change we want.

All we need is a change in our heart and listen to our conscience; and even our twisted mind can overcome the hurdles and fears we have created on our own. According to the United Nations Population Fund estimate, there are more than 7 billion people in this world since 2011(please note that the estimated population can vary with other agency census on human population). Won't it be the best achievement in human history if we all can change our heart to love one another and make our world a better place to live? Although it may appear impossible to make our world a better place to live but it doesn't mean it is impossible to have a change in our heart and make our life better. There is a reason why God has made us superior than any other living beings on earth. And we can do it make out world a better place.

Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend!

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