Wednesday, March 18, 2015


"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." Albert Einstein.

Good evening!

Has anyone of you felt like you've been treated like a lamb to the slaughter? If so, never ever fear the situation because that’s how scavengers thrive and they are best known to snatch the kills of other animals, and shamelessly to fill their stomachs. The reality of our present environment is; either you are among the pack of scavengers or among the group who can scare off the scavengers. To scare off the scavengers, all you need is your patience and your integrity to hold on your values or else they will let you in to be their lamb and will slaughter you when the famine starts.

In a game involving a team, say football, there are 11 players playing against the same number of players with the opponent side. It doesn't matter even if you have the best manager or the best player in the world if the players are playing for themselves. But when the player plays as one team, amazing victories are always achieved. In fact the history of football has proven the best team has always won the big tournament or the renowned league titles. The team spirit is the “ENGINE” that keeps the players momentum going at one direction. That one direction can always lead the team to victory.

Losing and winning is the part of the game. Sometimes, the best team also loses. When these happen, everyone starting from the fans to journalists started to analyze the players’ performance under microscope. This is the time when the true character of a player is revealed. Seldom, have the fans and the journalists realized there behavior are comparable to scavengers. The players just become a lamb to be slaughtered piece by piece. I think this blame game is an art we have embraced within our culture as well as work ethics.

Whether it is work or anywhere, the blame game tactics never resolves the issue because it is easy to point finger than to take ownership in order to resolve the issue. We are very good with the blame game tactics; and ultimately we have become so good to avoid the blame by becoming smart worker. Honestly, are we really that smart by avoiding the responsibility just because you don't want to take the blame? I believe most of the executives working in a MNC often mistook the success ladder of corporate hierarchy. Because when they mistook the ladder, more or less, it just discloses their nature of scavenging on the weak. That’s not how success is defined. Even in a hostile environment like big MNCs, the honest and the hardworking are always noticed. All it need is grooming your confidence and personality where you can learn easily from your manager.

I’m also those one of the executive who tries to learn the best from your manager. Now that I have learned the environment of my workplace, I thought I should share it here on my blog. And I will always stand by my statement written here because this is the nature of environment we experience and I am way better person to be scavenging on the weak in order to succeed but rather it make me feel good when I help. No human is born perfect.

Errors are part of the job and you have to learn from the errors, otherwise there will be no learning. Because when you made an error, you learn the way how errors are committed. Once you know the road that leads to errors, you are unlikely to take that road again. Remember Thomas Edison, the man who invented electric bulb. I believed his invention was not the success of the bulb rather the failure of the more than thousands of experiment leading to the working electric bulb.

Thank you. Have a good night!

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