Saturday, March 07, 2015


Happy Holi to all! 

Among the major Indian festivals, I really like the Holi celebration. It is not only colorful but also mischievous in a good way. Imagine, after 3-4 months of winter season, how many Indians do you think have taken bath with cold water during the winter? And today, everyone have the license to pour water on each other, play with colors, sing, dance, music, etc. I mean what's not to like about Holi rather than the reverberating sound of Diwali crackers. And the best thing about Holi festival is that you don't need to be lavish. Just get a bucketful of water, wear your 2-3 years old short pant and your dirty T-shirt you haven't wash since last week...:) Like there is happy hour in restaurant and bar, Holi is also the happy hour of festivals.

In the morning, my nephew was running around with the water balloons and water gun in the terrace playing with his mom and dad. It is not that Diwali is less enjoyable than Holi however after seeing my nephew very happy playing with the balloons water and colors, my conscience is clear and I'll always prefer Holi over any other festivals of India. I believe the saying, "I'd much rather see the world through the eyes of a child". And witnessing my nephew happiness every single day is a genuine reflection of his innocence. 

Every festival has it own unique identity. However, the identity of Indian Diwali celebration appears to be flashy and kind of highlights the vanity of human. And I feel Diwali is all about shopping, sweets, new clothes and crackers in sharp contrast to the plight of common people like us. Least of all, I rather get myself soaked with dirty water than to get frightened by the sound of crackers especially Cherry bomb. I hope if we can also celebrate Diwali like Holi where we can simply define ourselves with colors signifying our diversity.

Yesterday, I had to be in office due to my organization service level agreement with the onshore clients. The transport department arranged a cab for me and the driver called me at around 8:00 AM enquiring me, "Are you going to board the cab or not?" It was very unusual approach from a driver to call staff early whereas my cab reporting time was 10:15 AM. I told him I will board the cab but according to my reporting time, and he abruptly hung up his phone. However, after 8-10 minutes later, he again called me up and asked whether I will board the cab or not. I gave him the same reply. 

The third time when he called me up again and asking me the same question, I realize he was eagerly waiting whether I'd change my mind and cancel the cab. Sadly, as I had to be in office, I told him I'm not going to cancel the cab nor will I change my mind....  Besides Metro was not in service until 2:00 PM and the cab was the only means of transport for me to reach my office. I'm pretty sure he wanted to celebrate Holi but unfortunately I can't skip my work. I knew I could have hired a private taxi but I weren't ready to take the risk and tell the transport team that I have boarded the cab when I'm actually not in the cab, and it is a serious violation as per our transport guidelines. Also, canceling the cab was not a good option to be considered as the transport department has to pay the cab vendor without any service rendered. I really felt sorry for the driver. 

On my way to office, I came across traffic policeman as well as Delhi police in selected check post through the glass of the cab side window. I genuinely appreciate their courage, sacrifice, toughness and commitment to make sure there is no any accident on the road as well as ensuring security so that no untoward incidents take place. Kudos to our policemen and traffic police when majority of the Government employees are on holiday!

To conclude this blog, I believe there are multiple aspects in our life that can define us. The happiness of innocence, love, success, vanity, chaos, hope, despair, courage, sacrifice, pride, etc., and it's like multiple choices of colors wherein you can choose your favorite color.

May the colors of Holi bring happiness to all. Take care.

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